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The inspiration came from Gina which is BMW’s concept car and with the timeless qualities of windswept landscapes.



conceptual idea is to bring the new form of wega which is more stylish, sensual, and tactile. During the process, we played the outer shell and tried to find the best cover of Sfera which is the machine that was given to us. Our project gives them alternative manufacturing techniques and new technologies such as a new interface solution, a new working place for barista

Finally, The CEO of the wega likes the idea of decreasing the buttons and giving them a new kind of perspective. ,



the design has a unique manufacturing method which is a plastic structure with the cover of clay also it has the potential to be made by ABS molding which is the same manufacturing technology of wega.



Domus Academy/Collaboration with Joseph Coveney,Berkan Unutulmaz/workshop.  

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