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Name Surname: Dogus Bodamyalızade

Date of birth&place: 25/12/1990

Nationality: Turkish&Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (EU Citizen)

Current address: Via Raffaello Bertieri one +393895320877

E-mail address:

Skype account: dobodamyalızade 






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Doğuş Bodamyalızade has collaborated with well-known designers internationally and nationally his father is Well-known architect in Cyprus for this reason he always play a major role to give visual communication support for his projects but he is more interested in Product and industrial design. Three years He gave visual communication classes in universities and made a  furniture and fixture workshops also he won national and international design competitions.
As an industrial and product designer he believes that imagination is the beginning of creation and it is an endless process. To him the key is to become far sighted and the most important issue in design is to become unique. Moreover present issues of our world is obvious. He is very sensitive about the issues surrounding our environment while designing.
First of all the procedure that he use to tackle in his design projects, sustainability then functionality with a unique touch of aesthetics. The analysis and synthesis is very important while he is starting a project to understand the real problem and give the best solution for the good of mankind.    




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